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Menu covers:


 1. Sealed vinyl


 2. Classic


 3. Medallions and windows


 4. Metal


 5. Accessories


 A. Covers and interior options


 B. Logos and materials




 6. Sealed vinyl


 7. Euro ring binders


 8. Classic


 9. Diploma covers


 10. Photo albums


 A. Covers and interior options


 B. Logos and materials


Promotional articles:


 11. Travel articles


 12. Card holders and wallets


 13. Journals and portfolios


 14. Briefcases


 15. Key chains and wristbands


 16. Games and others


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Leathergoods and luggage repair


16. Games and other





























16.1. Leather chess game


16.2. Backgammon


16.3. Tic tack toe





























16.4. Heart paperweight


16.5. Holder with six leather coasters


16.6. Leather coaster





























16.7. Leather book marker


16.8. Wide eyeglass cover


16.9. Narrow eyeglass cover





























16.10. Magnetic money clip


16.11. Leather Candle holder


16.12. Magnetic square




















Please go through our product lines and ask us prices and delivery times, or tell us your needs and we will gladly offer you designs and budgets to fill your requirements. Don't forget to mention the number code of the articles you are interested.


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