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Menu covers:


 1. Sealed vinyl


 2. Classic


 3. Medallions and windows


 4. Metal


 5. Accessories


 A. Covers and interior options


 B. Logos and materials




 6. Sealed vinyl


 7. Euro ring binders


 8. Classic


 9. Diploma covers


 10. Photo albums


 A. Covers and interior options


 B. Logos and materials


Promotional articles:


 11. Travel articles


 12. Card holders and wallets


 13. Journals and portfolios


 14. Briefcases


 15. Key chains and wristbands


 16. Games and others


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Leathergoods and luggage repair


           A. Covers and Interiors


We offer you many design options for your menu covers and binders, accordingly to your esthetic and functional requirements.

· The number of covers can be 1, 2 or 3 and you can increase capacity with center leaves. Covers can be padded or unpadded.

· Inserts can be held by photo or ribbon corners, horizontal or diagonal pockets, elastics, screws, metal rings and clear vinyl sides.

· Your logo can be hot stamped, embossed, silk screened or embroided.































A.1. One cover, holds one insert


A.2. Two covers, holds two inserts


A.3. Two covers and center elastic, holds two inserts and a booklet or folded pages





























A.4. Outside view of center dismountable elastic


A.5. Two covers and one central page, holds four inserts


A.6. Two covers and two central pages, holds six inserts





























A.7. Three covers, holds three or four inserts


A.8. Gate style, holds three inserts


A.9. Photo corners































A.10. Ribbon corners


A.11. Horizontal pockets


A.12. Diagonal pockets





























A.13. Clear vinyl sides


A.14. Dismountable center elastic accommodates folded pages


A.15. Inside corners and center elastic





















2.17. Menu cover with wire binding. You can combine formal covers with practical and showy plasticized changeable menus you can print full color in  a shop or in your own computer.






























A.16. Post and screw, can be visible or hidden




A.18. Guest directory ring binder





























A.19. Pad holder


A.20. Pad holder with rings


A.21. Binder with pockets