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Menu covers:


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 2. Classic


 3. Medallions and windows


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 5. Accessories


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 6. Sealed vinyl


 7. Euro ring binders


 8. Classic


 9. Diploma covers


 10. Photo albums


 A. Covers and interior options


 B. Logos and materials


Promotional articles:


 11. Travel articles


 12. Card holders and wallets


 13. Journals and portfolios


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Leathergoods and luggage repair



Tanz designs and manufactures high quality binders. We work a vast variety of materials and techniques, that allows us to create articles that highlight your image, getting maximum results for your budget.

We cover all prices, from economic sealed vinyl, to classics (formal and elegant), passing through Euro (modern and resistant). We can produce this articles using sealed vinyl, faux leather, printed paper, fabric, leather and sheet metal (brass, copper, aluminum), or even combine several materials. Binders can be made to the size and shape you require and there are many options for interiors.


We stand out of the crowd when it comes to decorating your articles. Besides traditional techniques such as hot stamping and silk screening, we can personalize your binders sewing on them leather medallions, riveting metal medallions, embroiding your logo or putting your restaurant's picture in a recessed window.


Please go through our product lines and ask us prices and delivery times, or tell us your needs and we will gladly offer you solutions. Don't forget to mention the number code of the articles you are interested.


Visit us in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico or contact us.






























7. Euro
































6. Sealed vinyl


8. Classic


9. Diploma covers





























10. Albums


A. Covers and interiors


B. Logos and materials